So as I sat and wasted a minute of my life that could easily have been used for something constructive like say… trimming nose hairs or clipping toenails, I instead did something far less worthy. I watched the video in the link below and saw Wisconsin District 7 State Senator Chris Larson babble on about… nothing. Nothing of substance was spoken. You had your mandatory poke at Scott Walker. And what liberal rant would be considered complete without mentioning the Koch Brothers? I’m curious… when they finally depart this plane of existence I’m wondering how long many months it will take before you liberals finally kill off your boogeyman. I harken to Animal House where Brother Bluto talks about how George Bush bombed Pearl Harbor. Or how Bill Clinton freed Nelson Mandela. (see 2nd link below) But when it came to actually picking out an issue to speak on or even against, there was…. nothing. Par for the course if you have a neo-cortex… and a working set of eyes but even that is optional. Because even blind people could see the blatantly casuistic claim in the corroborating article that Chris Abele is not a conservative. Sure he might have a leaning here and there but me taking my fat ace for a walk around the block one brisk fall afternoon hardly makes me a fitness fanatic. (as my oh so stellar physique will testify)

Wisconsin elected Scott Walker 3 times in 4 years. There’s a reason for that. The Republicans are on pace to win big next year. Why? Because the people are so fed up with politicians to the point where the leaders who will be stopping by Milwaukee next week are people who have never held public office. Imagine what they think of big government taxers/spender career politicians like yourself, Chris. Sure there are plenty of folks out there with the wool permanently glued over their eyes, but more and more people are waking up and paying attention to their government. If  the Republicans get control next year and start working their magic?… you may be the underdog in 2018 as well. I… can’t… wait.

Oh, and way to dress the part Chris. Was that planning (or lack thereof) of your own volition or did the studio’s funds not warrant it? I’m guessing that their 501C3 got mixed in with the Republican applications. Of course I’m sure that Lois Lerner had absolutely nothing to do with it. This is the IRS we’re talking about after all. You know… that government bureaucracy you love so much that can solve all of our problems and run our lives better than we can run them ourselves? But I wouldn’t worry about them Chris. Your $5000 goal on the site has $0. Maybe I can help by getting your base angry at this post so they give up a fish fry or 2 in order to help you keep MPS struggling so their kids suffer the consequences. Allow me to help you more with your education in a 2 button keyboard hotkey combo than will ever be done by you and your buddy buddy special interest taxpayer gouging stranglehold on the public schools. (not like you would know what a public school is like. By the way… did your parents get a voucher for that?) See the 3rd link below. Deuces.

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