Cops & Firefighters Should Have Free Health Insurance

I’m sure there are people out there who protect us who have a question. We live under a blanket of complacency and security because of a select few who put their lives on the line for our safety. We take that for granted to the point where we complain about them until we need them. Then they are our saviors and heroes. They are all the time, not just when you feel benevolent at a particular moment. For those who do that job, please see my Thank You Note on my about page to these groups of people.

As for my opinion on Act 10 being extended to police and firefighters… not gonna happen. Not on my watch. My parents were both teachers. I was going to be a teacher. You pay peanuts, you get monkeys. In order to have quality educators you need to pay them well, which we do. Regardless of those in the pool who think the water level is not sufficient and not warm enough. I grew up on teachers’ salaries. Teachers’ standard of living is more than fine. Police and firefighters, however, put their lives on the line for you and me. If you’re willing to take a bullet or run into a burning building to save a person you don’t know, you shouldn’t have to worry about your health insurance.

So not only am I willing to fight for police and firefighters not to have Act 10 include them, I’m willing to fight for them to have the best health care available for the lowest possible cost, even if that means we can provide it for free. My health care plan makes that possible. Watch my video on my home page to find out how. And since you’ve read this far… I’ll tell you a secret. You can have low cost health insurance too. All we have to do is change our mind.

To all the men and women who made and keep it, I thank you for my blanket, and I thank you for keeping it safe.


Red Arnold

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