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Hey friends,

Please click “I agree” to watch my recent interview with Steve Walters of Wiseye.org. Please view this and share it with your friends, neighbors and family members and tell them to do the same. Make an informed choice for this special election and don’t forget to vote on November 4th. Thank you for your support! (You may have to update Microsoft Silverlight in order to view the video.)

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Here is an introductory video about me. Please check out more videos by clicking the Video tab above.

Red Arnold HeadshotHello friends,

My name is Jason “Red” Arnold, and welcome to my campaign website, VoteRedArnold.com. First and foremost thank you for taking the time to care about Wisconsin, our future and our children’s future. If you are tired of having to choose between the lesser of two evils every election, then please read on or watch a video or two to culminate your realization that there finally is another choice out there. Someone who has an actual solution. So what is that solution? Well, you can talk about “issues, issues, issues” all day long, it’s only when you implement and stand behind the decision you made that things get done. Ideas mean nothing without action.

I am a different kind of candidate as this site will profess. I am a liberty-driven, fiscal conservative; a concerned citizen politician, not a bored businessman or an opportunistic outsider looking to become a lobbyist at the expense of your tax dollars. I have a Mensa IQ, am a man of action and tell is like it is. I love my state, but she has seen better times. We have come far in the last couple of years. Now is the time for that final push over the goal line.

Wisconsin needs S.A.M., as in Uncle Sam

My 3-part platform. I call it S.A.M.  Strength, Actions and Modesty.

Someone who isn’t afraid to STAND UP to the opposition.

Strength: I don’t understand how having “power” causes some politicians to either become complacent or act in contrary to their commitments.

A person who will take action and get things done.

Action: I cannot abide a politician who feathers their own nest or to does nothing for fear of not getting re-elected. Do your job, you get re-elected. Complex problem, simple solution.

Members of government who are going to serve the people.

Modesty: There are some politicians who spend their time getting onto different boards of directors or help buddies get government money that by rights should stay in your — the tax payer’s — pocket. After all, its you who earned it, it is you who should keep that which you would sow and reap! I’m not in it for the money. I’m in it so you can keep yours.

Our country is headed down a path that should be of great concern to all of us. Unfortunately, we have become preoccupied with who wins what dance contests and keeping up with celebrities who shouldn’t even be famous. We only seem concerned with things like taxes once a year on April 14th, or every two years when lawmakers scramble for who has the best one-liner to solidify your (and my) vote. I grew tired of this and decided that the old adage — if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself — needed to be brought to fruition. I have decided to offer a plain and sensible solution to a very old problem. I offer 3 things that most politicians claim but seldom adhere to that my videos will elaborate upon. And that, my friends, is the basics of S.A.M.

In due time there will be a series of videos on this site so you can get to know me and what I stand for; instead of forcing you to make your decisions based on a yard sign, a pamphlet or a crummy television commercial where the only time you hear my voice is to approve a message that I’ve probably never seen. It will be somewhat interactive as my video responses to your questions and comments will enhance your understanding of me as well as let me know what issues are concerning our district.

Well, enough of this reading I promised you wouldn’t have to do, so why don’t you start watching some videos while you cook dinner or fold your laundry. Afterward, if you believe I am the candidate that you have been looking for, then please to click the Donate button above or send your donation to the address listed below. I need your support, and buying flyers and ads costs money. Word of mouth is the best way to spread the message, but there still needs to be vectors that reach the over-”Idoled” and the under-informed. You can also send me an email if you have any questions or concerns, or would just like to sign up for my mailing list.

Thank you for your consideration and I appreciate your support.


Red Arnold

Future Wisconsin State Senator, District 7.


So where is State Senate District 7 exactly? Do you live in State Senate District 7? State Senate District 7 is made up of State Assembly Districts 19, 20 and 21. Find out by clicking the downloadable, printable PDFs below.


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