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Issues for Wisconsinites

Health Care Reform: I have the solution to Obamacare. Yes, you read that correctly. Please watch my full length video (on my home page) on your lunch hour at work or before you go to sleep. It’s only 43 minutes long. I specifically truncated it to this length so that you can prepare of grab your lunch, watch the video & still have time for bathroom break before your lunch hour is up. This doesn’t require a law to be passed in order to implement this. This is how 80% of Direct Primary Care will be conducted within the next 3-5 years. Please watch.


DOT Reform: The Wisconsin Department of Transportation needs a MAJOR overhaul. As a Six Sigma Black Belt Process Improvement Specialist, I plan on using my skills to cut waste in the DOT & to bring this $939 million budget shortfall in line. There are many things going on at the DOT that most people simply aren’t aware of. These issues need to be addressed. However, they CANNOT be addressed by the people within the system who are enablers of the problem. This is why we need to introduce a new person with a fresh set of eyes into this departmental fray. I am that person. This issue is second only to making sure that the Direct Primary Care system is implemented so that all Wisconsinites are able to access quality health care at affordable prices. To watch my video on DOT Reform click: Here

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs: One word, growth. Growth is the key to any economy. Most problems in the political arena are solved if Americans have good, secure jobs. We need to bring back jobs that have either moved away or gone overseas. I managed 1000 accounts from Green Bay to Madison to Rockford Ill. to the lake. You can’t take someone to a dance if you don’t ask them. We need someone who will go hunt Moby Dick in a rowboat and bring the tartar sauce with. Someone like me. Energy independence will lead the way to this growth spurt and put America back on top of the world stage both economically and politically. China isn’t kicking our butt, we’re parking it on their boot. We need to take a stand and bring jobs back here. To watch my video on Jobs click: Here

Education: America has always had standards. At one point they were the best in the industrialized world. We sent men to the moon who were taught using blackboards and slide rules in one room school houses. The problem is not the amount of money we throw at education, the problem is that we have lowered those standards. Common Core is not the answer. Common Core takes local control away from the school system and the parents. A universal, unchangeable slate designed by people other than actual educators is not going to solve the problem. Even the most complex problems usually have the the simplest of causes. Sometimes the questions are hard and the answers are simple. To watch my video on Education click: Here

Gun Control: Gun control, just like prohibition, makes criminals out of law abiding citizens. Guns merely make it easier to commit certain crimes. The world will never be rid of guns, nor violent people. Taking means of defense away from the innocent does not prevent tragedy, if anything it increases it. We have gun laws on the books. Perhaps we should begin enforcing the ones we have before making new ones. A law without a penalty is merely advice. Making good people helpless won’t make bad people harmless. To watch my video on Gun Control click: Here

The Environment: If the entire planet was on board and the technology that is being pushed upon us worked as the environmental warriors dream it would, I might consider such a bold move as to “combat” Global Warming but we are nowhere near that precipice. When the automobile first came out we didn’t kill all of our horses. When technology moves forward with alternative energy so will the rest of the world. Doing so prematurely only regulates honest businesses out of existence. The earth has been through many climate changes over the eons. Watch the BBC special on Rodinia, a.k.a. Snowball Earth and you will realize that the planet has been through far worse than anything that can be wrought upon it by us puny humans. Energy independence is an important matter that needs to be addressed. 1 test is worth 1000 expert opinions. To watch my video on The Environment click: Here


Article V: I am well aware that this may open up a can of worms but if everyone is ignoring a stop sign then your only hope to save lives is to build a bigger and more visible stop sign. Sometimes the only logical choice is to be illogical, like the events that unfolded in the Star Trek episode; The Galileo Seven. If the Federal Government ever got too powerful, the Founding Fathers put Article V into the Constitution so that the States had a say in their fate. If this is indeed needed to right our listing constitutional ship then there will need to be men and women of character in the various state legislatures who will do what is right and bring this to fruition. Sometimes doing what is right means not worrying about your next election. Character is doing the right thing when no one is watching. To watch my video on Article V click: Here


Immigration: Every American who is not Native American is an immigrant. The great melting pot of the world is such because of its cultural diversity. I celebrate my heritage as much as the next person but I am an American, first and foremost. I pledge allegiance to the flag and I obey American laws. America came to greatness because we pitch in from all backgrounds and walks of life. There is a process in place to become an American citizen and it must be followed. If it needs to be amended in order to conform to the modern world then let’s do so. If someone wants to become an American it should be a… span. As in spanning a bridge to connect each other. S.P.A.N. — S: Speak the language  P: Pay taxes.  A: Assimilate (pledge allegiance to America and swear to uphold the Constitution and its values) N: No handouts. That’s it. Easy as can be. Having a child on American soil will no longer be “Automatic”, it will have to be “Earned” just like everything else of value in life. If you have a child on American soil then you have to follow those criteria within a certain time frame or you cannot stay, plain and simple. If you can do those few but necessary things and constructively add to the great melting pot of the world, then… welcome to America my friend. To watch my video on Immigration click: Here

Taxes: The only thing certain in life are death and taxes. Taxes are necessary; Roads, schools, water, sewer, snow plowing, police, fire departments, parks, defense, etc. However taxes are to be used like food, as a necessity, not for pleasure or filling voids. We cannot continue to take the easy way out by simply taxing to the hilt in order to correct sloppy mistakes. If the Department of Transportation has a budget shortfall, toll roads and gas taxes are not the answer. The answer is to use Six Sigma and data driven analysis and techniques to cut unnecessary and wasteful spending. The government can’t give you anything it doesn’t first take from someone else.


War on Drugs: Some drugs need to be decriminalized and others need harsher sentences. As of this writing, half the states in the union have realized this. When prisons are becoming so crowded that private sector prisons (who love more inmates to bolster the bottom line) are being built without question we need to reconsider some of these decades’ old pieces of legislation. No drug is without side effects whether its aspirin or heroin, but we need to look at the logical and empirical statistics when we make decisions on this. We need to refrain from allowing propaganda, stereotypes and emotional reasoning to cloud our judgement. Most importantly we need to knock the chair out from under this game that keep the government large and looming. The Colorado/Washington/west coast experiment will have to be watched with great interest. Do we want to be one of the last states to let truth, logic & freedom prevail like we had to do with Concealed Carry? You can’t legislate morality. To watch my video on Marijuana click: Here

Compromise: Compromise is a virtue to be cultivated, not a weakness to be despised. There is a difference between valiantly standing for your principles and foolishly standing in a fire simply because you don’t like who threw the logs in.