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Every little bit helps. $1000 goes a long way but so does $10, believe it or not. Just as every vote matters, so does every contribution.

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I welcome any and all information on pressing, and even not so pressing issues. I will address via video those which I have time to and which I feel need the most attention or have an overwhelming concerned citizen base. I will consider any and all reasonable matters. Those which are more communally specific I will try to respond personally.


There are certain rules pertaining to contributions.
Below are some rules from the Government Accountability Board website.

Certain Required Contributor Information. (from the GAB site)

For all contributors giving over $20, you must disclose the individuals name and  address.

If the individual’s year-to-date total exceeds $100, you must also provide the occupation, name and address of the principal place of employment.

The Government Accountability Board requires this to ensure you’re a real person (if they ask).

Rules and regulations on donations can be found in the links below. Please read these PDFs before donating:

Here are the main points regarding campaign contributions:

Prohibited Contrubitions.

Certain contributions are prohibited by Wisconsin law (from the GAB site PDF). A candidate’s campaign may not accept the following types of contributions:

  • Anonymous contributions of more than $10. $10 can be donated anonymously, any payment method.
  • Contributions in cash of more than $50. (Cash donations still require an address and occupation to be on record in my files should they ask).
  • Contributions given in the name of someone other than the contributor (these are considered laundered contributions).
  • Contributions from cooperatives or corporations. Sole proprietors are OK.
  • Contributions in excess of the limits set by law.

Limit for State Senate is $1000/person per election cycle.

Couples wishing to donate the maximum are encouraged to write 2 separate $1000 checks for 2 reasons:

  1. It avoids any confusion and absolutely specifies the amount per person so your candidate does not have to go through any legitimate or malicious legal struggles convey to the powers that be everything is correct.
  2. Although it may be a little extra work on your part it does make is easier for the Treasurer to enter the contributions into the ledger and keep everything in order so as to not run into any aforementioned finance catastrophes down the road. Candidates have stepped down in order to “do the right thing” only to be exonerated later on with the seat going to an opponent. Anything that limits impedance to conservative victory should be adhered to if we have the opportunity to do so. However, couples who chose to contribute together and use the same check can do so if both or their names are on the check and the indication of “Both” or “Donation from both of us” is put into the memo column. This is not optimal but 1% of something is better than 100% of nothing.
  3. You may donate multiple times. You may donate $1 as many as 1000 times but you cannot eclipse the maximum contribution amount. If you are a couple that are willing to donate and are certain that you will not exceed the maximum contribution amount, simply make sure that both names appear on the check and that you write “Both” or “Donation from both of us” in the memo space.
  4. Single donors or single donors with with 2 names on the check can donate the $2000 maximum.
  5. If there are 2 names on the check and it is written for $2000 then both parties whose name is on the check must consent to the contribution. “Vote Red Arnold” is not liable for donations received in this particular instance. Please make sure that both parties are consenting of the donation and the donation amount.

What is an election cycle?

When an election is held then the first day of the month AFTER the month AFTER an election is the start of the new cycle. e.g. A November special election maximum donation given before the election date, the next cycle begins January 1st. December is the month after so it would be the first day of the following month. If a special election is held in December then the election cycle starts again on February 1st. This election is in November so the next election cycle begins January 1st, 2015. That is when I may begin receiving another round of $1000 per person for the November 2018 State Senate regular election.


Helpful Numbers & Websites Directory

Social Security… (800) 772-1213

Telemarketing No Call List… (866) 966-2255

Badger Rx Gold (Prescription Drugs)… (866) 809-9382

BadgerCare+ Insurance… (800) 362-3002

Identity Theft Hotline/Privacy Protection… (800) 422-7128

Aging & Long Term Care/Medigap Helpline… (800) 242-1060

Consumer Protection… (800) 422-7128

Department of Revenue… (800) 227-4000

SeniorCare Insurance… (800) 657-2038

Tourism & Travel… (800) 432-8747

Unclaimed Property Program… (877) 699-9211

Unemployment Compensation… (800) 494-4944

Wisconsin DNR … (888) 936-7463

Wisconsin DMV… (#s)

Wisconsin Humane Society… Numbers on Home Page

State of Wisconsin

Who Are My Legislators?

Federal Government

Red Arnold… (414) 979-1632

U.S. House of Representatives Switchboard (202) 224-3121

U.S. Senate Switchboard (202) 225-3121

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