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Donations and Volunteers Needed | Vote Red Arnold

Hi friends,

Well now that the Primary election is now fully under way it is time for that all important aspect of campaigning… donations. I have calculated the cost of the physical products I need and the cost comes to about $3,000. Not a bad utilization of resources considering the pros told me that the average Primary campaign generally runs about $30,000. I am still in pre-production for the Television and radio ads but when I find out the budget for that I will certainly post it on here. I haven’t had time to finish editing my first video so I hope to finish that soon and have more up in the next week or two. Every little bit helps. $10, $20, $100 but with $500 the maximum single person donation we have a ways to go to meet the goal and get physical information into the hands of voters. If you cannot donate money but can donate time, please email me and we can put you on a list to help when the effort is fully mobilized. Thank you for your support, I’ll see you at the polls.