In the realm of Education we are constantly striving to improve upon a standard to which we attempt to measure the immeasurable. Here are some internet informational pieces about why Common Core is not a good idea and what’s really behind the “Agenda”. Click the links in red to visit the websites.

Visit Dr. Duke Pesta’s sites at and
You can also watch his 2 videos;
The Elevator Pitch Version about Common Core and The Extended Version about Common Core.

Visit Jeff Horn’s sites at

How Bill Gates (in his own words) will only need to sell 1 program to make his money off of the American student populous. Begin watching at the 5 minute mark if you don’t wish to watch the whole thing.

David Barton mentions a few more unique perspectives.

Watch a high school senior explain why the task of teaching is never quantifyable.
(keep in mind my Six Sigma Black Belt training in that most things are quantifyable… but not all)

How it ties in with the UN Agenda 21 UNESCO Standards

Here is the Agenda 21 PDF.

Here are a couple of names to research yourself (Google & YouTube to start) so that you can draw your own conclusions about how this all ties in together.
Names like the CFR: Council on Foreign Relations and The Trilateral Commission.
WARNING: This is not a statement, this is merely information. Draw your own conclusions.

Another site I found:

Another good site