Hi friends,

Here is some advice for those of you who want to really make a difference instead of just “doing your conservative duty”. There are a few communities that have little or no important Republican primary races that Republicans need to concern themselves with. For example, the residents of Franklin and Oak Creek have no significant primary races on the Republican ticket, save Ryan vs. Ryan. Segue Boy Jeremy Ryan is running facetiously against Republican Incumbent and former Vice Presidential Nominee, Paul Ryan. I see no feasible way that Paul Ryan loses his seat to Segue Boy. Although, stranger things have happened, I would be willing to bet that Paul Ryan’s seat is pretty safe.

So how can you make better use of your vote? Simple. Cross party lines and make sure you vote for Sheriff David Clarke. Sheriff Clarke has been outstanding and outspoken in the fight against crime. He is one of the only officials who have stood up against this legal system that babies the criminal. These criminals are being set loose to roam the street and commit more crimes and the Sheriff is one of the few people who have taken a stand against this. People of St. Francis and Assembly District 19 can also benefit from crossing party lines and voting for Sheriff David Clarke. You DO NOT want his opponent winning. If he does you will soon find out why I warned you. But hey, it doesn’t matter to me. Ain’t my hood. We incarcerate criminals where I’m from. However, if you live in one of the neighborhoods that will be affected, or shall I say, afflicted by losing Sheriff David Clarke, I would highly recommend going online and finding out if your district has any important elections on the Republican Ticket. If you have no important races on the Republican Ticket and/or the only ones on the ballot are “sure things”… cross over and vote for Sheriff David Clarke. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.