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Hometown hopeful Red Arnold declares candidacy for 21st Assembly District
(South Milwaukee, WI) – Jason “Red” Arnold announced today his candidacy for the 21st Assembly District on the Republican ticket.

Arnold, who prefers the moniker, “Red” said, “I’m a different kind of politician”, a common claim for newcomers. When Red was asked what made him so different, he proclaimed “In my opinion most political races are pageants, thankfully with the omission of the swimsuit competition, but everyone wants to “save the planet” and “end world hunger”, blah blah blah. I say stop the politics as usual and get something done! Most politicians are afraid to be that decisive and that brutally honest.”

When asked if he was satisfied with the current legislative body he said “Wisconsin has done some incredible things these past couple of years, now it’s time for that final push over the goal line. We can’t be so concerned with appeasing the unappeasable and getting re-elected that we neglect our duties as representatives.”

So what made him decide to run? “Actually, I have been thinking about this for the better part of a decade. To be honest, I would be hard pressed to vote for a 20 something so why wouldn’t everybody else have the same apprehensions? Youth generally equates with inexperience regardless of intellect. It’s difficult, especially when half the time you don’t even know what they look like, to gauge a candidate’s acumen.”

Having just celebrated his 37th birthday Red plans to run a unique campaign based on a simple philosophy. “I would think to myself, what do I want to see in a politician and a campaign? Then I realized, boy, if these politicians would only do X,Y,Z then I would know so much more about them and I would really be able to make an informed decision on election day. Currently it’s like the Dating Game, you get 3 people, a name, and a few bullet points. Great television but I have yet to see a follow up show on hundreds of 30 year marriages with grandchildren.” So, he’s putting that theory in to practice. You can check out his website, which he admits is still under construction, but fully functional at

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The 21st Assembly District currently consists of the entire city of South Milwaukee, the entire city of Oak Creek and a portion of Franklin. Links to the maps are listed below in downloadable and printable PDF format.

Red Arnold hopes to join Speaker Robin Vos and maintain the Republican majority in the Assembly. He concludes with “I look forward to representing my home town and the entire 21st Assembly District. See you at the polls.”

The Primary Election is October 22nd, 2013 and the Special Election is November 19, 2013.