Urban Milwaukee published my press release on immigration. I learned that the State of Wisconsin had to request information through the Freedom of Information Act about what the federal government discussed with the mayors of Milwaukee and Madison about bringing illegal immigrants from the border into Wisconsin. Why is it that we have to contend with bouts of secrecy between our local government and the federal government without the inclusion of the state government? Why are the citizens of Wisconsin not being notified about these actions? For those of you who want centralized government, here it its in full swing. I’m sure you’ll be fine with it until N.I.M.B.Y emerges. Not In My Back Yard. But don’t worry, the government won’t ASK you to welcome these Displaced Persons into your back yard, they will MAKE you care for them inside your home. Hope that non-existent TB vaccine is current. Oh, and don’t bother trying to pull that whole “3rd Amendment” argument, that only deals with soldiers.