I am looking for people to help me with my campaign. Even if its only 3 times between now and the election, that would be a tremendous help. There are many things to do, some are even able to be done at home, so we are trying to get volunteers together at the same time in the same place to see who can do what. If you can’t do anything, hey, at least you tried, right? (plus you get free pizza and soda 🙂


I am having a volunteer meeting this Tuesday Setp. 9th at the Party Office at the Associated Bank building on 76th street just south of Kopp’s on the same side of the street. 4811 S. 76th St. Greenfield, WI 53220

First floor, south west corner, entrance door on the west side of the building. It starts at 7pm and the meeting  probably won’t even last an hour but it will make a dramatic difference in my campaign and the way we are represented here along the lake in Milwaukee County and the entire state. If you can’t make it please let me know. However, I do implore you to take this one hour out of your life as it will affect the next 4 years minimum. Bring anyone you think would be interested. Please let me know by Monday 10pm so I have a head count and can adequately supply pizza and soda.


Facebook Messenger has not worked out all the bugs so if you can, please reply via email.




Thank you in advance for your time. See you there 🙂