Hi friends,

I need volunteers to hand out flyers. I have lists of places to go, usually a line of houses on a block, that you simply need to go and put the flyers on doors. If you have a teenager who can do the running while you follow them in your cozy car then take them to the next location, that would be ideal. More so for you 🙂 You can catch up on your audio book, your teenager gets exercise, you’re volunteering for a good cause and on top of it you’ll get a representative in the State Legislature that will actually go to bat for you. Win4! Win to the 4th power! Time is of the essence so let me know when you can do it. You can even do it in the middle of the night like a paper route just watch out for dogs and make sure you have your hazards on 😉 Lemme know.

Thanks in advance,


Red Arnold